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Interview with talented player Denis Zenelaj

  • Interview with talented player Denis Zenelaj
24 June 2020

Many Kosovar basketball players play successfully in European teams, and one of them is Denis Zenelaj, who plays for German team Eisbaren Bremerhaven.

"The last season was very successful for me and my team. My goals for the future are to be part of the German First Bundesliga and part of a EuroLeague team. Real Madrid, Fenerbahçe, and CSKA Moscow are my favorite teams where I would like to play one day."

Denis, who played for Kerasan Prishtina, is part of Kosovo's youth national teams.

"Playing for Kosovo means pride and pleasure for me, that I can only feel when I play for Kosovo and not in other games."

In the end, Zenelaj mentioned that it is very important it is to work out in home conditions during pandemics.

"It is very important to be physically fit because, in difficult times, unsuccessful players differ from successful ones," concluded Denis Zenelaj.