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KBF held an activity within “Her World, Her Rules” campaign

  •  KBF held an activity within “Her World, Her Rules” campaign
11 July 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic has led to the suspension of all sports activities in Kosovo and worldwide as well. However, the Basketball Federation of Kosovo has continued with the development of the campaign "Her World, Her Rules" by organizing an event on Friday afternoon at the basketball court at Marigona Residence. The activity was held in an open environment, while the physical distance was respected, as well as hygiene, which is very important at this time.

KBF program leader, Artina Hasani, spoke about the purpose of the activity.

"Despite the pandemic conditions, we managed to organize this activity aiming to raise awareness among girls to engage in sports, in this case, basketball. It is very important for children to be involved in sports and do not stop despite the circumstances. We want as many children as possible, especially girls, to play sports therefore we will continue to organize other activities within the campaign "Her World, Her Rules".

"Her World, Her Rules" is a unique project and social media campaign, led by FIBA ​​Europe that aims to promote women's and girls' basketball across Europe through various activities carried out in partnership with the National Federations.

The Basketball Federation of Kosovo has been part of the FIBA ​​Europe Girls' Program for two years now and is successfully implementing this project, where FIBA ​​Europe based on the evaluation made after the first year, has decided to continue to support KBF, which has resulted in an increased number of young girls practicing basketball and at the same time increased the number of women's clubs.

The Basketball Federation of Kosovo is determined to work on the development of women's basketball, and support received from FIBA ​​Europe through projects such as the FIBA ​​Europe Girls Program and the "Her World, Her Rules" campaign is the right way to achieve this goal.