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KBF leaders plan to support 3x3 Prishtina club

  • KBF leaders plan to support 3x3 Prishtina club
29 June 2020

The President of the Basketball Federation of Kosovo, Arben Fetahu, and the Secretary General, Elvira Dushku, welcomed the representatives of the club 3x3 Prishtina Fikret Shatri and Fisnik Juniku. The meeting was held at the KBF's office, while the discussed topics were summer activities of the 3x3 Prishtina club, a request for support from KBF, as well as the request from 3x3 Prishtina for the co-organization of future activities for 3x3 game, with emphasis on women's competition.
In mid-April, FIBA ​​sent two donations to the Basketball Federation of Kosovo. These are the 3x3 court, the 3x3 light, the 3x3 balls, the Mini-Basketball balls, and the girls' balls. FIBA at the end of the year had decided to reward KBF for the excellent work that the latter has done during 2019 for the development of basketball among young people in our country.
The 3x3 game is supported by FIBA, and for this reason, the Basketball Federation of Kosovo will support any activities to develop this game.
KBF leaders were in favor of the demands of the representatives of 3x3 Prishtina and promised that they will do their best to develop this game in Kosovo.